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Agile Spirit 2017

Date: September 2017 Performed Scope: Demobilization of heavy machinery of US Army to port of Poti Country of Origin: Akhaltsikhe, Georgia Country of Delivery: Poti, Georgia

In September 2017 the annual military drills Agile Spirit took place in Orpolo firing range near Akhaltsikhe, the US military sent  various armored vehicles including several iconic M1 Abrams main battle tanks. Logistics Solutions and LS Heavylift were tasked with the responsability of demobilizing the military equipment at the end of the drills and transporting them to Poti port.

Nowadays it is of upmost importance for Georgia to secure a place in the NATO alliance, and military drill such as Agile Spirit 2017 is slowly but steadily pushing the country to its goal. It was a tremendous privilege to take part in this project and play a part in helping our country on this difficult and challenging path.