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Quality Standard

As an international transport and freight forwarding company Logistics Solutions strives to offer its customers best-in-class service of international level, which always corresponds to clients demands and exceeds their expectations.

For achieving above goal company acts according to following criteria.

  • Measures Performance - Improving quality by “Measuring Performance” which means the company regularly and constantly requests, evaluates, and monitors feedback on customers satisfaction, so as to measure performance against prescribed requirements and ascertain capability of meeting needs and expectation of customers and interested parties.
  • “Improve quality” refers to the continuous process in which the company systematically sets objectives and benchmarks, recognizes best practices and implements programs for continual improvement of quality, which means fulfilling customers requirements offering cost-effective solutions. It also includes conducting internal and external audits on a regular basis.
  • Being “client-oriented” exactly determining customers demand and level of satisfaction after provision of service. Immediate reaction on any non-conformity revealed during provision of service.
  • Acting strictly according to local and international legislation as well as company internal procedures and rules. Contribution to professional growth of company personnel by means of trainings learning programs and evaluation of effectiveness of mentioned trainings.


Abovementioned statement is officially approved and implemented in the company by the highest management of Logistics Solutions.

In 2014, we became ISO 9001:2008 certified, establishing a quality management system to offer our clients the highest quality service. In 2016, our company has been successfully re-certified as per the newest ISO 9001:2015 standard.