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Logistics Solutions is committed to the protection of its employees, contractors, customers and the general public with respect to health, safety and environment. Occupational health and safety are an integral part of the Company’s operations. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Environmental Policy

Along with operational safety perform our services without harming the environment – this is what we follow during our day-to-day operations. Preservation and continuous improvement of the environment is a priority of the Company. We strive to develop and operate an environmental management system that sets high standards on pollution prevention, resources preservation and legal compliance.          

Safety Philosophy and Vision

The Company believes that all incidents are preventable and as such, safety objectives are set at ZERO. Management and staff are responsible for preventing injuries and occupational illnesses. Occupational safety and health are part of every employee's total job performance. Training employees to work safely is essential and is the responsibility of management. Prevention of personal injuries and accidents and protection of the environment is the way we should conduct our business.

Management Commitment to Safety

We commit to providing a safe work environment to all our employees, subcontractors and other relevant stakeholders, so if you feel unsafe immediately stop the work and report it to your supervisor. There is no such urgent and important work that we cannot take time to make it safely.

Abovementioned statements are prescribed, elaborated, and implemented in Logistics Solutions by officially approved document.