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Delivery of large diameter (2200mm) GRP pipes for Gardabani WWTP

Date: October-November 2017 Performed Scope: Deilvery of large-diameter (2200mm) GRP pipes manufactured by Subor (Amiantit Group) for Gardabani WWTP rehabilitation project performed by Strabag AG Country of Origin: Adapazari, Turkey Country of Delivery: Gardabani, Georgia

The Gardabani water treatment plant is a complex engineering structure of strategic importance, which will provide cleansing of the city's communal waters and return in purified form to nature. Cleaning of utility waters is a complex, several-step process that ensures that the wastewater is safe for the environment. Logisitcs Solutions was contracted for the task of delivering GRP pipes to the work site. For this important project pipes with: Diameter (DN) – 2200, Rigidity (SN) – 5000 and Pressure (PN) – 1 were required, accumulating to a total length of 204 meters.