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Dnistrovskyi WPP

26 September, 2020

Not long before, we eagerly informed you about another WPP project in Ukraine, where our involvement was required. Today we already meet the first barge with cargo loads. Let us look through some interesting details. 15 blades for 5 GE WPG (General Electric Wind Power Generator) out of 10 have been docked in Reni port. At the same time, our professional and experienced team with its full fleet and charge is awaiting its call on the riverbank. Meanwhile, in 236 km away from the port, in the outskirt of village Starokozache, groundworks are taking place to prepare foundations for WPG masts. Our task is to transport giant components of wind turbines safely and timely through this distance. Lots of work and breathtaking gurney is ahead. Stay tuned and follow us as we contribute to the realization of another eco-friendly green project.