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OOG cargo transportation, as one of the main specializations of our company, would have been impossible without full and comprehensive engineering.

Each heavy haulage from our portfolio, whether a single delivery or full-scale project, has been initiated only after thorough engineering, as it is crucial for heavy and oversized shipment.

Our Service includes:

  • Selecting the type of transportation according to cargo specifications;
  • Loading and unloading the cargo on transportation mean;
  • Choosing proper trailer, specific types of lashing and securing;
  • Modeling computer simulations and designs;
  • Pre-Transportation route survey;
  • bringing in a proper condition a road infrastructure or making short-term changes on route for guaranteed safe delivery;
  • Checking/monitoring bridges and overpasses;
  • Constructing temporary overpasses;
  • Escorting cargos and traffic regulations;
  • As sampling special platforms/beds for trailers according to cargo specifications.