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Dnistrovska WPP

Date: September - December, 2020 Performed Scope: Delivery of 10 complete WTG's for Dnistrovska WPP Country of Origin: Reni Port, Ukraine Country of Delivery: Dnystrovska, Odessa Region

Dnistrovska WPP project - Another important page of our history that we are so proud of. All the transportation works for the first phase of this project have been done exclusively by Logistics Solutions, with the help of its wholly-owned subsidiary company LS Heavylift.

Dnistrovska WPP was 3rd project, where we had to deal with giant components of WTG’s (Wind Turbine Generators). Yes, Kind of déjàvu to our specialists, and regardless of several unexpected obstacles, just a usual routine for our team. Nevertheless, it was a huge joy and pride for our company. Sticking officially to our stern commitment of contributing renewable energy and green growth our pledge is best reflected in the projects like this.

Another important point why the Dnistrovska WPP became special to Logistics Solutions is its geography that transcends the boundaries of our homeland. This way we steadily continue to position ourselves as one of the key players in the regional market.

It was the second time we yield the great experience on the beautiful Ukrainian soil and enjoyed its vast and boundless land fields with the bicolor horizon, living picture of the flag of this nation. Carrying gargantuan loads, our branded trucks were creating harmonious and atmospheric scenery on the background of the yellow wheat farmlands.

The project was planned to be carried out in two stages, the first of which LS Heavylift executed with excellence. At that point, 15 wind turbines have been delivered, assembled, and installed.

Super-heavy and oversized components of platforms were arriving at Reni port on the Danube River. Our task was to transport them safely and timely to the destination located at 236 km away, in the outskirts of the village Starokozache, Odessa Region.

The first cargo, consisting of 15 blades coming straight from the Netherlands, was delivered by the self-propelled river barge on September 26. And the delivery of the very last section at the construction site by our team was performed on December 1, 2020.

The customer of the enterprise was Elementum Energy.

Overall, a gross weight of around 5500 tons were transported by Logistics Solutions including 30 blades, 10 Nacelles,10 Rotors, 60 units of Tower sections, and dozens of other complementary components.

After completion Dnistrovska WPP will be another important wind farm of mighty “GE Renewable Energy” WTG’s, furnishing local households with clean energy.

It will become another powerful eco-friendly onshore facility, where our footprint remains vivid and retained.