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Azerikimiya EP-300 revamp project

Date: July 01, 2019 - August 14, 2019 Performed Scope: Azerikimiya EP-300 revamp project Country of Origin: Sumgait, Azerbaijan Country of Delivery: Sumgait, Azerbaijan

In summer 2019, our wholly owned subsidiary LS Heavylift was awarded a contract for the transportation and installation of Furnaces and Valve structures for the Azerikimiya EP-300 plant.

Surprisingly for even the company representatives, LS Heavylift had beaten one of the best players of the world in the heavy transportation field and took upon itself the responsibility for the enterprise with staggering scales, unlike any previous project conducted before.

Successful accomplishment of the project meant a record-breaking move for the entire region. If 25m. high Valves weighted not more than 306tons each, the furnaces had a gross weight of over unimaginable 1500t reaching up 45m, almost as like as 15 store building.

Our task was to move this mountain of steel from point A to point B alongside two relatively small valves. No error, even a single millimeter size mismatch would be intolerable. Any minor miscalculation would cause a disaster.

Endeavor with immense complexity required utmost efforts and focus from each staff member of LS Heavylift.

Gigantic dimensions were rendering the extraordinary project quite a daunting mission. But LS Heavylift was adamant in its belief – They were committed to facing the challenge professionally.

By July 20, 2019, quite soon after obtaining the contract, all the equipment necessary for the operation was already mobilized to the project site, in Sumgait. Our fleet comprised of new-generation modular hydraulic axle lines and SPMTs. The team was ready to start these challenging transport operations.

Preparation works for the movement of the first load (Valve Structure with a weight of 306t and height of approx. 25m) took one full day.

Careful and thorough examinations and planning to the last details brought its fruitful result, and there it was – on the other day, the first valve structure module successfully positioned on a permanent foundation. First perfect landing!

However, even after the second perfect landing of another valve structure on July 24, a sigh of relief was yet far away. The biggest challenge was ahead. 1500t and almost 15 store mega structure were waiting for its turn.

On August 4, the operation began. 14 hours of uninterrupted hard work, professionalism, and devotion brought the mission to successful accomplishment.

1500t giant unit positioned on to foundation with precision.

after almost half a month with meticulousness, the project was triumphantly completed without any single incident. Safety was a top priority and was duly followed all the time during operation execution.

Another important chapter in the history of our company has been closed but new doors in the world of megaprojects have opened for sure.

LS Heavylift is always ready for new challenges.

Great thanks to all involved, to whole joint team of LS Heavylift, TechnipFMC and Azfen and of course thanks for support to our end client Socar Azerikimiya.